A Better
RFP Process

For Retirement Plan Committees

With InHub you can conduct RFPs faster, manage projects better, and impress all parties involved (including respondents) all while saving time. The best part is, InHub allows you to concentrate on the data and the important decisions, not the admin of the RFP


Collecting, organizing and comparing proposals is manual and time consuming. Large file sizes or numerous attachments, often a problem for email-based RFPs, are easily and securely handled with InHub, automatically. Best of all, you can also export them with 1 click.


InHub makes comparing proposals easy by allowing you to review multiple proposals side-by-side. Score and vote to analyze and advance candidates. Your review committee can easily communicate and share notes on candidates – whether it’s a Board, Committee, Sub-Committee, Attorneys and/or a Consultant. Finally, if you need to take the process offline InHub offers a variety of automatic export formats as well.


Effective communication between issuer and respondent is critical for a successful RFP. Overlooking one important email in an RFP project can significantly change the results. With InHub all communications occur within the platform, removing the risk of lost emails or wasted time searching for and resharing critical communications or follow-up documents

Document & Retain

Documentation for decisions and their basis is important. With InHub you have a fully documented process for all of your RFPs. After each RFP completion, a document summarizing the entire due diligence process is immediately available. All past RFPs are easily accessible (and exportable) including documents, notes, scores, and pricing, eliminating worries about lost data.


We partner with InHub an RFPIO company, the investment community’s #1 RFP management platform.

RFP Management Platform for Financial Service RFPs

Save both time and money by switching from managing RFPs with email and spreadsheets (or snail mail), to managing them with InHub. Our online process reduces errors and saves time while making sure your requested data is easily accessible, documented, and secured.

With InHub you will make quicker, more accurate decisions.

The InHub Difference

A Better RFP Process.

With InHub’s intuitive interface, everyone involved in your important RFP can easily stay up-to-date on the progress and/or participate in the review

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Features & Benefits

Collect, organize and evaluate your data with the investment community's #1 RFP management platform



  • Save Time, Money & Paper
  • Reduce Errors, Risks & Opportunity Costs 
  • Improve Results & Decision Accuracy 
  • Increase Participation Rate & Lower Burden on Your Candidates


  • Share & Collect Information Effortlessly
    • With Respondents & Your Review Team
  • Manage & Streamline Communication
    • Announcements, Public & Private Q&A
  • Prudently Document
    • Take Notes online, Vote, Score
    • Advance to finals round & award a winner