Fiduciary Best Practices

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fiduciary process!

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Tips For Plan Fiduciaries
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At RFP 401k Advisor, we’ll walk you step by step through an effective and prudent process.

Fiduciary Best Practices Audit

Our ERISA Fiduciary Best Practices Audit is designed to strengthen your overall fiduciary process.  We’ll evaluate your end to end due diligence process and let you know how it compares to fiduciary best practices observed from our years of experience.  

In most cases, a small adjustment to a plan’s fiduciary process can result in marked improvement in process results.

Almost all of the effort is on our end.  We simply need the availability of a member of your benefit team and access to your documents.  Our observations and recommendations to you remain confidential.

The process can be done on sight or remotely.  For most plans, we offer full day and half day reviews.  For larger or more complex plans, we can prepare a custom proposal.

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